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    Such as poetry, creative non-fiction, and even journalistic . Let begin by saying what I believe fiction is supposed to accomplish. (by virtue of the label “fiction”) we know that the we're being told are fabrications.
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    You want to make sure your portfolio achieves its objectives - if you're an , . Storify curated , Twitter feeds, Facebook Posts . Back when I founded clippings. , it only allowed for the addition of links and files - but .
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    A Fictional Narrative (Short ). : Schoolyard bully: "Give your lunch money, or 1'11 punch you out!" shouted the.
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    For example, if you're a about a new database you'll need to . "A few minutes later he came out and I said 'Excuse , the baby is here.
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    May 14, 2014 , Raising , Beating the Drums Louder: Fictional . With trauma , since “conventions about truth telling, salutary as they are, can be inimical .